Free Working Capital with Immediate Liquidity

How Does Immediate Liquidity Works

Knox Wire customers can use GSX to bridge two currencies in as little as three seconds, ensuring payments are quickly sent and received in local currency on either side of a transaction.

Banks can Keep Their Capital Working

Instant Liquidity on Knox Wire allows your institution to keep valuable capital earning so you can stay ahead of the competition. The way it works is by using a gold backed intermediary asset to facilitate the exchange and transfer between two currencies in a transaction. This intermediary asset is called Gold Secured Currency, or GSX.

Benefits of Knox Wire

Hold up to $1 billion in USD deposits as a deposit partner

Instant International Wire Transfers

Send same day wire transfers to 20,000 financial institutions

One Week Integration Time

Your bank can make up to 1% per transaction

24/7 Dev Support

No Pre-funding for Qualified Institutions

Same Day Cash Settlement (Optional Cash Settlement of Bank Balance)

"Instant Liquidity allows companies to send payments to nearly 20,000 financial institutions without pre-funding deposits which keeps capital help up"
Steve Mccullah
The CEO of Apollo Fintech

Why use GSX?

Gold Secured Currency is the first asset in a new genre of decentralized assets called a Growth coin. A growth coin combines most of the best elements of a stable coin, an investment coin and a traditional cryptocurrency into one secured currency